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Rose Quartz & Peach Agate Raw Crystal Necklace, Large Stone Pendant, Anniversary Gift for Her

Rose Quartz & Peach Agate Raw Crystal Necklace, Large Stone Pendant, Anniversary Gift for Her

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Rose Quartz & Peach Agate Raw Crystal Necklace is a heartfelt expression of love and unity. This necklace features a captivating large stone pendant crafted from raw rose quartz and peach agate. It's more than a piece of jewelry – it's a symbol of the love and harmony you share. Ideal for anniversaries and special occasions, this necklace makes for a memorable and meaningful gift that she'll hold dear.
Rose quartz is known as the "stone of love," radiating unconditional love, compassion, and emotional healing. Its soft pink hue promotes self-love and deepens connections with others. Peach agate, with its delicate peach tones, enhances positive energy, instilling calmness and balance. Together, these crystals create a harmonious blend that represents a lasting partnership built on love and understanding.
The large stone pendant design makes a statement, capturing attention with its natural beauty and captivating colors. Each crystal is unique, showcasing the raw and organic elegance of the stones.

Materials: Peach Apricot Agate, Rose Quartz, bronze cord, brass clasp, polymer clay.

Each detail is made by hand and is unique.
Pendant size: 7 x 5 cm. / 2.75" * 1.96".
Comes with a bronze color cord.


*** Good to know:
Since I work mainly with natural stones, which change shades depending on the lighting, background, and shooting angle, it is important for me to accurately convey the color and texture of the jewelry. I photograph my products in ONLY natural light and NEVER use filters. Usually, all the jewelry is photographed on different backgrounds, on a girl's neck or hand, in a video, that thoroughly conveys the look and color of the item.


I also invite you to visit my pages on Facebook and Instagram where you can follow my new designs, and exclusive offers, and learn more about crystals, their history, and their meanings…

While I am trying to depict colors as accurately as possible, the actual colors may vary from monitor to monitor.


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