Inna Zlotnik Studio
Welcome to the world, where beauty meets intent!
After many years of doing arts and design, I discovered the wonderful world of healing crystals. The energies and meanings of the stones fascinated me and I gathered all my knowledge and skills and began to create artistic jewelry filled with the healing energy of stones.
I believe that jewelry can hold a deeper purpose, offering not only a visually stunning aesthetic but also a transformative experience for the wearer. I strive to create not just accessories, but meaningful and thoughtful items that work on a deeper level.
My jewelry is an expression of self-discovery and individuality.
Using crystals and gems is a way to convey what is important to you. To signal where you want to go, where you dream of going. It is a way of regulating and grounding the currents of energy that bypass and confuse us. A way to give yourself an ancient, powerful tool that will help connect the hidden layers to the reality you want to create for yourself. Every piece of jewelry I design is unique and one of a kind, like the stone from which it is made. One and special, like each of us...

I like to combine different stones into one piece of jewelry. These combinations are not accidental and a lot of emotion and thought is invested in them.
The energies of the stones do not contradict each other, but strengthen and motivate each other, giving the wearer a sense of balance and support, inner security and calm.
I don't work with metals. I use them in my compositions (chokers, rings, bracelets) as a basis on which I create/sculpt bas-reliefs from a mixture of industrial-strength polymer clays using crystals, minerals, pearls, etc.
For rings, I use adjustable brass rings (antique bronze color) several types.
All my jewelry items are strong and durable, You can wear them freely.
I recommend reading the care instructions to learn how to handle, clean, and store raw stone and polymer clay jewelry to ensure its longevity:
Kindest regards,
Inna Zlotnik