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Rainbow Opal and Ruby Kyanite teardrop pendant necklace

Rainbow Opal and Ruby Kyanite teardrop pendant necklace

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Rainbow Opal & Ruby in Kyanite teardrop pendant necklace.
Ruby in Kyanite form a combination in this stone: this occurs naturally in the gemstone formation process. The stone is natural, undyed, and untreated. It received minimal polishing.
You will get the exact pendant pictured, as it is a unique piece. This listing will not be renewed, it is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Each detail is made by hand and unique.
Pendant size: 6,5 x 3 cm./ 2.55" * 1.18"

Comes with a bronze color cord or bronze chain.


*** Good to know:
Since I work mainly with natural stones, which change shades depending on the lighting, background, and shooting angle, it is important for me to accurately convey the color and texture of the jewelry. I photograph my products in ONLY natural light and NEVER use filters. Usually, all the jewelry is photographed on different backgrounds, on a girl's neck or hand, in a video, that thoroughly conveys the look and color of the item.

✨Ruby in Kyanite combines the properties of Ruby and Fuchsite to create the perfect Heart Stone.
It will help clear any blockage in the Heart Chakra and fill the void with supportive
and loving energies. Ruby in Kyanite will transform negative and destructive energies into positive and uplifting ones. It will help you find solutions to your problems and restore the balance to any part of your life that has become unbalanced.

✨Opal is a stone of inspiration that enhances imagination and creativity. It can bring inspiration to projects and life and Spirit.
Carrying this imaginative spontaneity into the realm of your life can bring strong creativity. It can also act as an emotional stabilizer. Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.
Opal is also used to bring happy dreams and avoid nightmares. It is a soothing stone that can calm turbulent emotions and bring a deep sense of hope and inner peace.
The opal is also a representative of justice and harmony and is a protective stone in dangerous places.
Among the ancients, opal was a symbol of fidelity and assurance, and in later history, it became associated with religious emotional prayer.
It was believed to have a strong therapeutic value for diseases of the eye, and when worn as an amulet, it would make the wearer immune from disease as well as increase the powers of the eyes and the mind.


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While I am trying to depict colors as accurately as possible, the actual colors may vary from monitor to monitor.


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