Citrine. Joy of life, abundance and success

Citrine. Joy of life, abundance and success

Among the abundance stones known for their ability to magnetize economic luck, citrine is considered one of the most powerful. It is a powerful stone that attracts wealth, prosperity, and success. It stimulates energy at all levels of life. Citrine develops intuition and improves mental clarity.
It strengthens self-confidence and assertiveness and sharpens concentration and focus, motivates and activates creativity.
Citrine brings energies of joy, pleasure, and enthusiasm.
The ancient Romans and Greeks saw the citrine as the mascot of scientists, philosophers, and orators. The stone is endowed with the ability to arouse the tongue of a person and bring about public recognition.
In ancient Chinese society citrine was also considered a "success stone". Chinese emperors would often wear citrine jewelry, as it was believed that they not only brought success but also open the mind and broaden the horizons.
The stone was also considered a symbol of the sun, which gives incredible energy and brings happiness and a good mood.
During the Middle Ages, citrine was known as the "merchant stone" or "silver stone", because according to belief it attracts money and prosperity and not only increases wealth but also preserves it over time.

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