Carnelian. Passion, increased energy, courage and sexuality

Carnelian. Passion, increased energy, courage and sexuality

Carnelian is considered to prevent attacks of a bad mood, arouses the passion of the opposite sex to its owner, brings wealth and prosperity, aids in trade and other businesses, and protects against infertility and impotence. It is known as a powerful motivational stone and has even been called the 'self-esteem stone. It is an action stone, which gives the courage and confidence to move forward in a new way in life.

The Carnelian has been known since ancient times. Carnelian's oldest finds date to the Paleolithic period. That is, man began to use this stone more than 13,000 years ago. In ancient Egypt, it was considered the favorite stone of the goddess Isis. It was made of chains, pins, and clasps. Many beads and rings with Carnelian were found in the tomb of Tut Tutankhamun. The name Carnelian comes from the Latin word carneus, which means meaty, referring to the color of the stone. Data on the healing and miraculous properties of Carnelian are found in ancient Chinese, Indian, Roman, and Greek writings, in the most ancient Assyrian-Babylonian writings, and in the writings of Arab and Persian writers.

Even in ancient times, Carnelian was observed to be easily separated from wax and clay, so stamps were often formed from it. Seal rings with Carnelian were very popular and were also considered a personal mascot.

Carnelian is one of the favorite stones of Muslims. To the Prophet Muhammad, who wore a ring with a Carnelian on the little finger of his right hand, the following statements are attributed: "Everyone who wears a Carnelian in a ring will live continually in prosperity and joy" and "wear a ring with a Carnelian because he banishes poverty."

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