Amethyst. Intuition, balance and serenity

Amethyst. Intuition, balance and serenity

The origin of the Amethyst is shrouded in many legends, the most famous of which come from ancient Greece. During the wine production, Dionysus was fascinated by the beautiful nymph Amethyst.

But she, being in love with the shepherd, rejected the courtship.

So Dionysus decided to get the girl by force. The goddess Artemis became a witness to how the young nymph escapes from the drunken resident of Olympus, passionate about passion, and to save Amethyst, turns her into a white stone. Dionysus tried to revive his beloved with drops of red wine, but they were absorbed and gave the stone the color of grapes. Since then, amethyst has also been considered a stone of sobriety. The ancient Greeks and Romans made glasses of Amethyst and drank wine from them. This custom later became a tradition to carry an amethyst with you as a protective mascot against intoxication.

For centuries the Amethyst has been considered the most powerful amulet of love. In the Middle Ages, it was customary to give a jewel with amethyst as a gift to love your heart. This ensured that the love would last forever, and so that over the years the passion in the couple's life did not disappear, the couple placed amulets with amethysts under the pillows. Because the amethyst will help maintain warmth and tenderness in a relationship.

It is also considered a stone that activates spiritual awareness, opens up intuition, cleanses, and focuses the mind.

The metaphysical qualities of amethyst are calmness, balance, and serenity. People also use it to eliminate impatience. In addition, it is used as a protection amulet against thieves and protects travelers, it is customary to keep it as a protective mascot in the vehicle.

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